GPS Navigation is a new free powerful GPS app in 2018, with GPS, Maps, Navigations & Directions functions all in one app.

GPS Route Finder – Route Planner will plan the shortest route for driving, running, walk, ride & transit. It will calculate the distance and time between any two locations on the map.
GPS Navigation – See route and navigate to destination step by step with detailed guide.
Search Place – Help you to search and discover the world with rich details for over 100 million points of interest. You can also search by voice.
Places near me – Find the nearby places in up to 100 types, such as restaurants, gas stations, ATMs, parking, pharmacies etc.
GPS Phone Locator – Locate your mobile phone location and easily to save and share your GPS location with friends.
Different map types – You can choose different types of maps as you like, such as typical, terrain, satellite view.
GPS Compass – In this map app, there is a dynamic direction arrow, which points the device direction on map. You can easily find the direction on map.

GPS Route Planner will help you to plan the shortest route for driving, running, walk, ride & transit. Directions and navigation will navigate you to the destination step by step with live guide. GPS Recorder will accurately locate your mobile phone.

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